I started my professional career as the photographer for Georgia College, in Milledgeville, more than thirty years ago. A mentor taught me early on to be reliable and deliver quality pictures, consistently and timely. That served me well, as I was able to retire from that part of my career, and successfully evolve into my current path as an architectural photographer.

It is my goal, to make a building, interior, or exterior, look as realistic, clean and inviting, as I can. I want to show a true representation of the work that went into that structure, for viewers to see the quality, and believe they can trust my clients to do superior work for them, too.

Here is a list of some of my recent clients:

Garbutt Construction
The Christman Company
Lord, Aeck, Sargent
Southern Classic Management
McMillan, Pazdan, Smith Architecture
May Architecture + Interiors
Praxis3 architecture + multidisciplinary design
Newcomb & Boyd Consultants and Engineers
DCO Commercial Floors
McGraw-Hill Publishing
Astro Interior
Theatre Consultants Collaborative